Ever Feel Anxious? The Calming Action of CBD May Help.

Welcome! Pat yourself on the back for making the first step in learning more about CBD Oil and the numerous calming properties it beholds.

Millions of people around the world experience the feeling of anxiety at some point in their lives. It can be as subtle as feeling uneasy about going back to work on Monday, or as severe as not being able to function appropriately. Regardless of the the type of anxiety you have, it is a discomfort for you and CBD oils have helped so many overcome those unwanted feelings.

The best thing about CBD is it is a natural way to help balance your mind and body without taking harsh prescription drugs.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil or Cannabidiol Oil is derived from Hemp Plants and is an all natural remedy for anxiety, stress, and inflammation. The CBD compound is non-psychoactive meaning you will not get high from CBD.

 Full Spectrum Oils

Full Spectrum CBD Oil utilizes all of the naturally occurring compounds and essential oils from the Hemp plant. These components all work together for a fuller therapeutic experience.

CBD Isolate Oils

CBD isolate oils are a mixture of CBD isolate, a pure form of CBD usually found in a powdered state and an oil. The isolate is suspended into the oil at the desired concentration level.

Some carrier oils that are commonly used are MCT Oil (coconut oil) or hemp seed oil. CBD Isolate Oils contain no other natural compounds or oils that come from the hemp plant.  

How Does CBD Work

CBD oil interacts with different receptors in your body. Receptors are simply tiny chemical structures that attach to cells in your body and receive signals from other parts of the body.

CBD Interacts with many of these receptors in your central nervous system and peripheral nervous system, in order to help regulate or alter your serotonin levels. This in turn helps to alleviate anxious feelings for many people with anxiety of numerous different types.

Common Uses for CBD Oil:

Balancing the body Strong anti-inflammatory properties

Enhancing overall well-being

Boosting mood

Reducing discomfort

Improving skin

Promoting healthy neurological function

Reducing anxious feelings & stress


Top Tips For Buyers

  • CBD oil strength is listed in milligrams (mg.) the number on the bottle refers to the total CBD per bottle NOT dose.
  • When purchasing CBD make sure the merchant can provide third party lab results so you know what you are buying has been tested. These lab reports are commonly known as Certificates of Analysis (COA's). example COA
  • When deciding which concentration to choose for your first time choose a middle level concentration. We suggest a 500mg. or 1000mg. to start since concentration is listed per bottle you can take a few more drops if the initial dose does not provide the level of relief you desire.

Why Nasya Brand Products

Naysa CBD products are produced using premium organic USA grown hemp and have earned the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) seal of approval by third party sources. All products are free of chemicals and solvents other brands use solvents as a cheap way to extract the CBD or remove any THC traces this then ends up in the product and then your body. Naysa is proudly:

Organic THC free
Gluten-free Non-addictive
Metal-free Non-GMO
Free of harsh chemicals GMP Certified
Made in the U.S.A. 3rd Party Tested


 About BestCBDConnect

BestCBDConnect was created to give consumers a reliable source for premium CBD products that you can trust. We stringently vet all the products that we carry and provide the third party lab testing at a click of the mouse so you know exactly what you getting. Furthermore, our world class customer service is here for you, whether you need to call in an order or you just need some more information and guidance on our products or CBD in general. If you have any questions you can email careteam@bestcbdconnect.com, or call or text us at 813-540-5557.

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We know CBD works wonders give some a try today you will satisfied and have relief from anxious and stressful feelings.