Purity Promise

Our Promise

BestCBDConnect partners only with farmers and manufacturers whose products we believe in, that we’ve vetted thoroughly through our comprehensive third-party testing.

Each of our vendors shares our core values, sourcing CBD products that are:

  • Grown & harvested in the U.S.A.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Formulated with organic, all-natural hemp plants
  • Blended with the purest, highest-quality CBD available
  • Created using sophisticated CBD extraction processes
  • Well-reviewed by consumers
  • Third-party tested in trusted labs

Third-Party Testing

BestCBDConnect wants our consumers to know that the CBD products available in our online marketplace are safe to use, and adhere to strict compliance guidelines for consumption. That’s why we only offer products that have been vigorously tested and approved by licensed, accredited laboratories.

Why is third-party testing so important?

Selling only products with the highest-quality, natural CBD available is an integral part of our mission here at BestCBDConnect. Your peace of mind is important to us, and providing the results to independent testing for our products helps us deliver you this peace of mind with every purchase.

Sophisticated Extraction Without Harsh Chemicals

Our high-quality CBD is treated with care, straight from the source. Other manufacturers may use solvents to extract CBD, which may compromise beneficial compounds in the plant, and even pose health risks to the consumer.

At BestCBDConnect, we only source products from manufacturers who use a solvent-free Co2 extraction method. This process produces healthier, cleaner, better-tasting CBD that is never exposed to ethanol or other potentially harmful chemicals. Of all CBD extraction methods, Co2 extraction is the safest and most cutting-edge.

Eco-Friendly & Pesticide Free

At BestCBDConnect, we know that pure, high-quality CBD extraction begins with the plant. Our CBD is farmed, harvested, and extracted in the U.S.A., using natural and gentle processes to honor the integrity of the plants.

It’s imperative to our core values that each farmer and manufacturer we source from fosters an eco-friendly harvesting process, free of pesticides and harsh chemicals. This way, we can ensure that the safest, most pure form of CBD reaches our consumers.

At BestCBDConnect, we want our consumers to ask questions, educate themselves, and feel comfortable and confident in the emerging world of CBD. Visit our FAQ to view some commonly-searched questions and answers, and always feel free to Contact Us with any remaining questions or concerns.

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